Friday, 2 December 2011

Sora electric concept bike by Lito Green Motion

Franco-Canadian group Lito Green Motion submitted on the track in Montreal, a beautiful electric concept named Sora.
lito green motion sora electric motorcycle
According to manufacturers, the design of the bike perfectly, “combines elements of a cafe-racer and Street Fighter,” whatever that meant.
In the apparatus of Lito Green Motion for an original motorcycle transmission – CVT, and thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery, it can travel without recharging as much as 300 miles!
2011 sora electric bike
Onboard computer allows you to monitor energy consumption and adjust it if necessary going into the economic mode, as well as a route using GPS-touch screen, built-in tank.
Also, attention is drawn to the original and beautiful forms of the pendulum and rear cowl, and LED elements of design.
There is also an electric seat adjustment, which can be raised or lowered depending on the preferences of the pilot.
Weight – 240 kg. The engine develops maximum torque of 80 Nm, and can accelerate to 200 km / h.
Already taking orders for this machine, which will run from October this year. Base price of the device is very snappy – 42,400 Canadian dollars or about 30 500 euros.

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