Sunday, 18 December 2011

Best of 2011: Top electric motorbikes

As you already know, electric scooters are forerunners of the concept of going green. The category, scooters, includes every vehicle that runs on twin wheels. Thus, from electric bicycles to kick scooters to motorcycles, anything that is powered by electricity comes under the category. These highly advanced vehicles are designed specially for the densely populated urban areas so that the degree of air pollution by means of harmful vehicular emission can be reduced considerably. These electric scooters thus are eco friendly and at the same time unparalleled in their aesthetic attributes and performance. Have a look at ten such awesome electric scooters short listed for you.
The MotoCzysz, designed by a talented designer, Michael Czysz, has created this electric operated beast for the road. It is the most advanced electric scooter so far designed and features light weight body, increased power and functions and outstanding looks. Thus, in a chases weighing only 500 pounds, it can produce 200 HP. The wedged front and back shock, concealed under its tank contributes to its neat look.
This streamlined electric bike is the fourth addition to Zero with even better features and functions. The much talked about feature of this vehicle is that it cuts on the charging time to almost about half in comparison to other hybrids of the similar type. It is powered by Z Force Li Ion Intelligent Power Pack and is designed for short trips. This advanced electric vehicle runs on Agni motor, but it is lighter in weight and compact. Each charge can cover up to 25 to 30 miles.
This is a great gift for the motor bike enthusiasts who are looking out for green vehicles this time. This electric vehicle is equipped with BULL 1 technology, the much sought after feature in bikes. It also has much lesser weight as compared to its gas bike replacements. The high profile electric drive system integrates 2.2 kWh of Kokam LiPo cells that power this green vehicle, along with 2 speed gear box and knobbed clutches. Together with these, it features 144 Volts and 35 HP.
This is another glimpse of electric operated hybrid vehicle that have been launched in the Tokyo Motors Show. The apparent look of this electric vehicle resembles a super bike, featuring wider rubber attachments and full fairings. But a closer inspection will reveal the details of electric powertrain with 250 cc racer chassis and LED light at the rear and the front.
This highly efficient electric car is equipped with 4.4 kWh lithium ion batteries and has an engine that has 25 HP. The in thing of this vehicle is that it has 12.5% more battery efficiency as compared to other battery operated vehicles. The slender, feather light aluminum body of 297 lbs offers a terminal velocity of 67 mph and coverage of 43 miles.
This bike brings the great opportunity to be kind towards the environment, yet not compromising with the performance at all. This electric bike is a sporting vehicle that has speed limit of 16 mph, torque of 3.2 N.M per 3000 rpm and average run time of 10 miles with these features. At a dimension of 51 inches x 34 inches x 24 inches, this amazing electric vehicle weighs only 84 pounds. The battery packs can be easily removed and recharged at home.
BRD motorcycle is the most intelligent and latest entrant in the world of electric bikes. It was lately launched at the San Francisco Dainese D Store and is believed by the CEO of BRD Motorcycles, Mr. Marc Fenigstein, that it will be a great and much improved competitor of the gas vehicles. Thus, a short distance vehicle, it will literally run with zero emission. Enthusiasts have to wait for its details as the company is not willing to leak those out until the vehicle is launched commercially.
This is another light weight electric bike that is joining the bandwagon of eco friendly two wheelers. The first thing to be noticed about this vehicle is its sleek and stylish appeal. The increased functions of this bike owes to its 12 kWh lithium polymer battery that gives a mileage of 185 miles on a single charge. But the battery needs to be charged for eight hours. It jumps up to 60 mph only in four seconds by virtue of its 59 lf ft torque. The GPS system in the touch screen display helps to keep a track on mileage while driving.
This electric fa├žade comprises of five electric batteries, concealed under its box like structure. The fuel tank is also hidden intelligently beneath the seat. Once charged fully, it covers a distance of 100 kms at top speed of 120 km/hour. Good looks and eco conscious design makes this bike lucrative.
This is another highly functional electric bike in the market, which has 48 HP engine along with 80 lb ft torque. It is powered by 96 valve LiFePO4 battery that offers a capacity of 7.7kwk. The bike gives coverage of 75 miles on a single charge that stays for as much as seven hours.

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