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2008 Yamaha Roadliner Review


The Roadliner S is a machine designed to stir the senses. From the “Neo Streamline” styling, to the emotional pulse feeling of the massive V-Twin engine, the Roadliner is designed to be a harmonious blend of power and beauty.

A culmination of all the knowledge Yamaha has gained since the introduction of the Star series. The stunningly beautiful Roadliner S is more than just a pretty face, it is an incredible cruising experience.

Discover for yourself how the 1854cc V-Twin power, fuel injection, aluminum frame and swingarm, are all skillfully crafted to provide an incredible feeling of sensual performance and excitement.


21. 2006 Yamaha Roadliner S
2006 Yamaha Roadliner S
The year 2005 brought to the motorcycle market a big announcement. That year Yamaha made public the news that they will create the “Star Motorcycles”, a new standalone brand name for its cruiser series of motorcycles in the American market.

Although introduced as a separate brand, the Stars would continue to be sold at Yamaha dealerships, while in other markets Yamaha was still the name on the papers.

One of the motorcycles that contributed to the success of the new brand was the 2006 Yamaha Roadliner, a machine symbolizing what the manufacturer predicted for cruiser’s future and this bike has most likely directed the tendency than line up to it.

The manufacturer first made sure that the bike would be a tremendous power and torque provider so it hooked it up with a gigantic 1854cc air-cooled V-Twin featuring 9.5:1 compression ratio and dual counterbalancers for smooth operating. Additional equipment was also great but another important feature that would contribute at the immense success was the aluminum frame which is long and low and has its own idea of weight distribution (50/50 front and rear to be more precise).

What Yamaha now needed to do was to give it its nice neo-streamliner appearance and the recipe was ready. It quickly became a big success and it also lead to the introduction of the Yamaha Stratoliner, a touring version of the Roadliner but, as you can see, which featured a name of its own. 


20. 2008 Honda VTX1800C
2008 Honda VTX1800C
Honda always seems to have a competitor for every rare breed out there and this time it’s the VTX1800 Style C, the bike that put the first brick at the base of the VTX1800 Empire. Once on the bike you will experience pure VTX feel with long-slung, two-into-one exhaust performance-influenced fender design, cast aluminum wheels, and dragster-style seating.

Suzuki is up against two powerful makers so the key to its C109R performance is its 109-cubic-inch engine featuring Suzuki fuel injection, the same basic powerplant used by the awesome M109R, which traces its technological heritage to Suzuki’s championship-winning GSX-R sportbikes. If you are not surprised than you should give it a try and feel the amounts of torque available down low. Sounds like awesome acceleration to me.

If the awesome size, power and performance of the Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 appeals, but a more traditional “cruiser” look seem like your style, the Vulcan 2000 Classic is the motorcycle you seek. A traditional-style headlight, “buckhorn” handlebar bend, a plush passenger seat for increased comfort and other special details adorn the same brawny chassis and engine found on the Vulcan 2000.
19. 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic
2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Classic 


6. 2008 Yamaha Roadliner S
2008 Yamaha Roadliner S
What sets this bike apart from its competition is the neo-streamline design, including the first seamless gas tank fitted to a Star, gives the Roadliner S a completely unique look. The frame unit, on which this bike lays its elements, is especially designed to be effective and create an aggressive general appearance. That very same frame introduces us to the massive looking chromed V-Twin motor which is complemented by a whole range of chromed elements.

As a result, the Roadliner S gets chrome switchgear, front brake and master cylinders and levers, belt guard, front and fork covers, handlebar clamps, shifter, front pulley cover, various engine covers, rear fender stay and polished wheels.

Wondering about the finishing touches on this baby? Than you should know that everything concerning fit and finish is jewel-like, and the Star quality paint and attention to details are evident all over the Roadliner S.

Life on board also involves luxury as the classic clock-style instrumentation complements Roadliner S’s neo-retro look and contains analog speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge, together with twin digital tripmeters, odometer and self-diagnostics. What more could you ask? This is one true piece of jewelry on two wheels.

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