Tuesday, 20 December 2011

New and Used Motorcycle Review

The Honda decided to capitalize on the attention of the public who visit the ‘EICMA 2010, Scheduled for first week of November, and play it in advance, revealing some details of the most important news of 2011.
The Japanese giant follows the trend that today’s market is emerging and is preparing to launch a On-Off High performance, designed to counter the success of Ducati Multistrada, KTM 990 SMT and Triumph Tiger 1050. From what is known, in fact, should the new Honda 17-inch front wheel, Then a connotation road for that matter, having already presented the colors of 2011 Varadero, Would not make much sense assisting them in another range maxi enduro with 19-inch front tire.

Honda V4_2

Honda V4_3

Honda V4_4

Honda V4_5

The only reliable data releases issued by the Honda, however, can further confuse the ideas, because it clarifies that the bike will be powered by an evolution of the V4 engine, which also equips the VFR 1200F but will displacement “intermediate” . At this point it is easy to assume that Honda have decided to follow the trend favored by the current market and lower the engine capacity to imagine a VFR close to 800 cm3.
Other details branched tell us that the future Honda Crossover (Which still does not know the name: it is assumed “Crossover”, “Crossrunner” or V4 “X”) will be a bike suitable for all kinds of riding and able to accommodate the passengers with luggage. His resume certainly looks the styles of the world enduroFrom which will also result as the comfortable riding position and raised, but with some aesthetic contamination comes from the world of big naked. We imagine then, and the sketch that will show you a preview of the confirmation, more graceful lines than an enduro. In addition, we can already say that the bike’s design was developed by R & D Center Honda Italy to Rome, and this fact speaks volumes about the importance of the House that at our local Japanese are taking over the years. To encourage the daily use and embrace a wide range of users as possible, the motion should have riding close to the ground, Wide handlebars and low center of gravity to ensure a dynamic driving not to overlook high lean angles.
The new Honda Crossover will be revealed to the public November 2 next at 10.00, the day will be declared the technical data and the start date of production and delivery to dealers. Eicma 2010, however, Honda has promised much eight new among which we expect another “bomb”. E ‘expected, in fact, that the family motion driven by V4 engine grow again. In Honda’s tight-lipped and the only data that is sent out will be the displacement of 1,200 cm3. Therefore easy to assume that the VFR can evolve along two different paths: that of Maxi naked Very high performance, or that Supertouring. We reject the idea of a supercar, because at this historical moment the numbers clocked by the motion of the segment are very small.

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