Monday, 12 December 2011

honda magna 250

Magna's extensive use of plating the entire body, really truly "debut." If you check the oil before moving in the morning, when, forget combing hair, it does not matter. It was definitely shiny crankcase can reproduce your true colors. Drop-shaped fuel tank and flattened extension style handlebar is faithful to the traditional performance; and tank top in a single rate meter (odometer below in order of priority in the range have the oil warning, side stand instructions, three high-temperature warning lights) is the usual cruiser nostalgic way, but this did not conceal its modern atmosphere.
All full of metallic plating light control headlights, driving at night for you to provide a very good visual effects. As "goods"-shaped arrangement of the neutral gear, steering, beam steering refers to the first plate arranged on the light, the angle is very conducive to observation. One type of seating is divided into two layers of high and low, the driving position looks spacious and comfortable, the crew seat is relatively narrow and become hard. If the passengers sit, stand legs will be too high, this design somewhat reluctantly. Fortunately, there are back for optional after plating, which of course depends on personal preference. Only the entire vehicle body left in a storage box cover, but are limited to placing disc locks and vehicle tools like small items. Both sides of the tank plating a pair of kidney-shaped guard, in fact, only the right to set the air filter, the left has only a coordination role in landscaping. Two horn-shaped exhaust pipe proud to point to the sky, which exaggerated the fork down and dip each other; even after the disc rim is fully sealed design. All of this constitutes its eclectic rebel image.
After a careful appreciation and found it really "fair." That it "foul within" Down? Definitely not. Start the car, deep, rich sound of the exhaust makes you feel it in a relaxed and reliably, because it's engine from more than ten years as one day's VT250 cars, mature, reliable, trustworthy. This four-stroke V2 machine is popular cruiser equipment. This just to drive up to 171 kg net weight of the car, the Honda factory intends to reduce the engine's power to take into account the maximum torque output in low production. The aim is to have a better handling car. In order to reflect the sense of weight, the frame does not use aluminum, but the more unusual high tensile steel dual encircling under. Equally well formed in the suspension, front shock absorber 41mm diameter telescopic sleeve, rear suspension is double wishbone with steel square with one pair of SHOWA brand hydraulic spring shock absorber, and for five rebound adjustment. However, due to restrictions on vehicle design, a shorter rear shock travel is estimated by the bad stretch of road in a good performance difficult. Relative to the cruiser, the outskirts of the road is its broad flat world.
There is a saying called "proof of the pudding", or on the road to try it. Before the step onto the saddle, it gives me the impression that big, so hard drive controller. However, after sitting posture, but a kind of down to earth feel. It was only natural, thanks to its 690mm seat height and wheelbase up to 1620mm. After preheating, Woxia soft clutch, into a block, with a light throttle, the next you can easily ride in the double start. Then accelerated shift, five variable speed quickly exhausted. During this period, the overall performance of the engine smooth and smooth, not very intense sense of speed, its low speed torque people amazed. With DUNLOP (Dunlop) tires 120/80-17 front and 150/80-15 rear, providing motorists with good road feel, two large plated rear view mirror, so you eliminate the "looking back" of the worry about. Tried to drive to 100km / h, a strong air shocks people feel discomfort. The sound engine has been great, there are struggling with it, it would be better to the more relaxed cruising speed. After all, high speed is not its strong suit. Like driving up the heavy cruiser, of course, need to contend with a reliable braking. It uses a 316mm front brake disc with single-hole NISSIN (Nissin) floating dual piston calipers for quick response. Then braking is the brake drum diameter of 160mm, this match will give drivers the confidence to add a lot of security.
Daily street driving, cut into small curved or reverse the wheel, you may feel a little inconvenience. But with many passers-by envy than then what? On it you can not find EFI, ABS-like high-tech; unique style, attractive appearance and extraordinary driving experience, is design in mind.

MAGNA250 Some technical parameters:
Engine type: water-cooled four-stroke V2DOHC4 valve
Displacement: 249ml
Fuel capacity: 11L
Maximum power: 19.8kW (10000r/min)
Maximum torque: 23N. m (7500r/min)
Brake: front disc rear drum
Tire Size: (front) 120/80-17-61S (after) 150/8-1M/C-70S
L × W × H: 2315 × 845 × 1085 (mm)
Seat height: 690mm
Wheelbase: 1620mm
Net weight 171kg

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