Friday, 2 December 2011

Suzuki Crosscage Electroc Concept: EICMA-2010

To open on 2 November in Milan EICMA-Show 2010 will present a concept bike at the electric from the Japanese Suzuki – Suzuki Crosscage.
Suzuki Crosscage electric concept
This is a real surprise of this exhibition, previously no appearance of this machine is not announced in public. True, in a global sense, certainly not any surprise – the car put up for different views is not the first year. Steadily improving, apparently.
The motorcycle boasts a full-fledged electronic instrument panel (though it now nobody will be surprised), but no further details about the latest incarnation of its electric concept, which was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2007, Suzuki did not provide.
According to unofficial data, the motorcycle on a lithium-ion batteries has a cruising range on a single charge of 200 km.
True, it’s not quite electric bike. Instead of the traditional internal combustion engine equipped with a Suzuki Crosscage power plant consisting of a fuel cell developed by the specialists of British company Intelligent Energy, and the battery that performs the role of backup power supply, as well as store energy during regenerative braking. Fuel cells run on hydrogen, which is stored under high pressure in a special container located under the seat.
Produced by the current system feeds the electric motor is located directly on the hub of the rear wheel. This power plant provides Suzuki Crosscage dynamics, it is comparable to conventional motorcycle equipped with, for example, 125 cc engine.
Original decision – console swingarm and as a console front suspension, in addition to a shock absorber.
His name must Crosscage unusual frame, which represents the spatial structure of intersecting bearing tubular elements. Just inside the cage of the pipe and housed hydrogen power plant with an additional battery.
New Suzuki Crosscage Photos

Wallpaper Suzuki Crosscage Motorcycle
Wallpaper Suzuki Crosscage Concept Motorcycle
Wallpaper Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Concept
Wallpaper Suzuki Crosscage Hybrid Motorcycle
Wallpaper Suzuki Crosscage Monoshock

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