Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kawasaki ER 6 2008

Essential Riding: the new Kawasaki ER6-n. For motorcyclists, whether new to two wheels or long-term riders, the essence of motorcycling, the freedom that riding on two wheels provides, is sometimes difficult to express.
With a reputation for innovative motorcycles delivering the performance sought by enthusiasts the world over, Kawasaki have now taken the refreshing and imaginative step of combining their engineering prowess and an awareness of contemporary design, with the introduction of the stunning all-new Kawasaki ER6-n .

The Kawasaki ER6-n is a machine for riders of all ages and abilities whether male or female, the core appeal of the Kawasaki ER6-n is that of a motorcycle at the very cutting edge of contemporary design, just as pleasing to look at as it is to ride.

Incorporating ergonomics perfectly suited to a variety of riders, the Kawasaki ER6-n makes optimum use of a compact two-cylinder engine to deliver a sleek chassis that is extremely manoeuvrable and fun-to-ride.

For new riders, the Kawasaki ER6-n experience will grow and mature along with theirs.
For existing riders, the machine will reawaken in them the very essence of the motorcycle
riding sensation, providing a broad spread of useable engine power matched to a chassis
that is outstanding in both visual and engineering terms.

The ER6-n represents a single-minded vision for the Kawasaki company, a vision born of
a passionate commitment to offering the sheer enjoyment that motorcycling represents to
the widest possible audience.

In an age where transport alternatives all shout for attention, the Kawasaki ER6-n evokes the elusive essence of Kawasaki's commitment to fun, thrills and freedom on two wheels, crafted and distilled into one distinctive statement.
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The rear end of the bike is uncluttered with rear footrest hangers being made almost invisible by mounting them off the main frame. All that the back end seems to be there for is rider and pillion (Note the pillion freindly grab rails) and sufficient lighting to tell those behind you what you are doing.
The instrument panel is also kept clear and simple with an analogue rev counter, digital speedo and temperature and fuel reserve looked after by warning lights, it too looks uncluttered.
Handlebars mounted conventionally on the top yoke gives a very comfortable riding position and allows the bars to be rolled forward or backward slightly to suit individual comfort.
The parrallel twin engine although dervied from the super reliable ER5 plant is in fact an ALL NEW powerplant. In fact, the 650 engine thanks to a highly modified gearbox is smaller than that of the ER5. This has in turn allowed for a smaller, shorter chassis giving it cutting edge handling. The fact that the engine is so narrow aids balance and makes the bike feel even lighter than the featherweight that it already is.
The exhaust system runs under the bike and exits in front of the rear wheel. This as with the engine aids overall bike balance and the feel that there is no weight to this machine.
Cleverly the rear shock has been mounted directly between frame and swingarm without excess link arms, bushes, bearings etc. Helping not only in the area of weight loss, but also reducing maintenance long term.

The fuel delivery system has moved to a highly efficient dual butterfly electronic fuel injection system. The first butterfly being controlled by you, the second by Kawasaki's clever little ECU that ensures smooth fuel/air delivery, thus smooth power delivery.

The Kawasaki ER6-n offers a sensible, comfortable riding position. The cutting edge handling capabilities of this machine defy the previous statement. Throw a leg over the New ER6n and you will want to bypass those "A" roads, get off the "B" roads and find the twisty country lanes where the true joy of this all new machine will be appreciated.

For those looking for a little more weather protection see the all new ER6-f
33 BHP restriction is available on request.
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