Friday, 2 December 2011

Husqvarna E-go Electric bike Concept

Brand Husqvarna, now staying under the control of BMW, introduced the concept of two-wheeled vehicle on electricity, called E-go.
Husqvarna E-go
As noted in a press release Husqvarna, this project demonstrates, “the company’s approach to the realities of today’s world, impossible without the equipment with electric motors.”
Although the bike and will be designed for urban use, it nevertheless retains all the inherent features of Husqvarna equipment and off-road racing. True, more external than the real thing.
Support for the battery compartment in the apparatus, as well as frame – made of aluminum. What makes it comparatively easy – only 80 kg.
The bike, of course, is envisaged as a single – because the philosophy of Husqvarna.

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