Sunday, 11 December 2011

Alfabeast – Alfa Romeo Powered Custom For Sale

Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

This bike was on The Kneeslider over a year ago but I had very little information on it at the time. I just noticed it turned up on eBay and I have to admit, I love this thing.

According to the description it has a Kraftek frame, a four speed Harley Davidson transmission, all powered by a 2.5 liter Alfa Romeo V6. There are six individual exhaust pipes, a pair of Weber downdrafts, with fork, discs and calipers from a Kawasaki ZXR750.

The owner says there's no charging system so, unless someone engineers one, it's a short range bar hopper. The whole thing needs some, ... what's the term, ... "finish work" to get it into daily rider status but it sure does look good!Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bikeAlfa Romeo V6 powered custom bikeAlfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

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