Monday, 28 November 2011

MotoCzysz Unveils Cool New Bike

motoczysz ttxgp MotoCzysz Unveils Cool New Bike
MotoCzysz has introduced the open architecture E1pc motorcycle. It is an electric motorcycle and is now being entered into the awesome TTXGP race. The bike looks cool with its partial orange colour and I must say it is indeed an interesting concept.
The bike comes with awesome Ohlin linkage and Brembo braking. All this contributes to the bike’s success. It is made from the choicest carbon fibre and aluminium. It runs on lithium ion batteries and can reach a maximum speed of over 150mph. The bike also weighs just 195 kilograms.
This is one of the coolest bikes to be launched this week and I must the lightweight and high-speed design makes this electric bike green, trendy and also functional. There is no information about the price or availability but I am sure since it is being entered into a race, it would also be out in a commercial way. Watch out for this one!

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