Monday, 28 November 2011

2011 bikes Concept

2011 bikes Concept

 7. Bombadier Embrio ---
The Embrio is a robotic unicycle announced by Bombardier in 2003, it is currently only a conceptual design. If produced, it would not be available until 2025. It is designed to be a hydrogen fuel cell-powered motorized unicycle capable of reaching highway speeds.

 8. Batpod ---
Seen this in the Dark Knight, Have we? The Batpod was designed for the movie by Nathan Crowley and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine – geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration and with no exhaust pipes.

 9. Dodge Tomahawk
The Dodge Tomahawk is a concept vehicle which was produced by Dodge. The insane potential widowmaker Dodge conceived and subsequently named the Tomahawk was first seen in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show

 10. Confederate Renovatio ---
The Renovatio concept motorbike from Confederate Motorcycles based in America is a radical concept bike designed by Confederate’s lead designer Ed Jacobs. It is extremely minimalistic with all the mechanical elements of the bike on show.

5. Yamaha Tesseract ---
The Yamaha Tesseract Concept Bike was unveiled at the Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Auto Show. Yamaha has made this concept a hybrid, boasting both a V-Twin engine of undisclosed size along with an electric motor.

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